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Paragon Asra Housing Ltd

Asra and Paragon have recently joined together to form Paragon Asra Housing Ltd (PA Housing). PA Housing is a leading provider of housing for people and communities across central and southern England. We support more than 50,000 customers who live in more than 24,000 homes.

Customer’s vote in favour of asra & Paragon merger proposal

2016 - October, Latest news

Thank you to those customers who responded to our recent consultation about the proposed changes being considered by asra - the merger with Paragon Community Housing and Group consolidation. 

Group consolidation is where we would amalgamate Leicester Housing Association (LHA) and asra Housing Association into one company. 

All housing associations currently face significant challenges as a result of changes in government policy and also economic pressures. asra Housing Group is no exception and we need to make savings so that we can continue to provide a high standard of service. One way in which we can do this is to join with another housing association to achieve savings and share services. Another way to do this is to reduce the number of entities within asra Housing Group.

We received 234 responses to the consultation, of which:

  • 211 (90%) were positive comments and in favour of the merger
  • 23 (10%) were negative comments and not in favour of the merger
What happens next?

Further work will now take place between asra and Paragon to develop plans and we will submit these to our regulator in February 2017.

A new Board is being created from existing Board Members from asra and Paragon. We are also working with an external company to draft a new Corporate Plan for the merged organisations.

Every customer that sent us a feedback form will receive an individual response from us. We will also reply to any questions that were not related to the merger.

Between January and March 2017 we will begin to plan how to bring two organisations together so that we are ready for day one (April 2017).  A gradual integration programme of how the two organisations then come together will then follow over the next three years.

Initially, we do not expect that customers will see any changes in services:

The name of your landlord may change but it is important to note that there would be no change to your tenancy or lease. These will continue without any change and your rights will not be affected in any way. Your rents and service charges will not be affected and they would continue to be subject to government policy as they are now.

We will keep our customers updated on progress with the merger through further communication and messages.