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Furnished tenancies

Beds, sofas, tables and chairs, washing machines, fridge freezers and electric cookers. All essentials in the modern home - but they don't come cheap, now there is a better and easier solution with our furnished tenancy service. 

If you choose a furnished tenancy, your weekly rent will include the provision of the furniture package.  This means it is all within one simple payment included within your rent  If you are in receipt of benefits or a low income then the cost may be paid by Housing Benefit.  Furnitureplus has proved to be popular amongst our new tenants as it enables them to set up a comfortable home with the added benefit of not having to worry about the high costs that can be involved when setting up your new home. 

The service is only available to tenants when they first take a tenancy and can not be added onto your tenancy after you have already signed.  


How does it work?

When you are first offered a property you will be asked whether you wish to have a furnished or unfurnished tenancy.

  • If you choose a furnished tenancy, you can choose from four packages and the charge will be included on your tenancy agreement.
  • We will deliver your furniture pack within five working days at a convenient time.

  • Our qualified staff will be happy to assemble your new furniture and install your fridge freezer, washing machine and cooker while you sit back and watch your new home take shape. 
  • A minimal rental period of 12 months applies and you will not be able to make any amendments or cancel your furnished tenancy during this period.
  • After 12 months if you decide you no longer wish to have a furnished tenancy, you must provide us with 28 days notice in writing explaining you wish to hand back the furniture.  We will then arrange to come and collect it.  You will also be required to sign a new un-furnished Tenancy Agreement.
  • We are unable to allow partial returns of furniture packs at any stage (e.g. returning everything but wanting to keep the washing machine).


 Packages Available: 


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