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Moving home

Re-housing Options

If you are currently our tenant with an identified need, our Re-housing Options Officer can offer you help and assistance with regards to your housing options. These options could include a mutual exchange, transferring to another home or downsizing your home.  

For further information on Mutual exchanges Click here

It’s a good idea to be flexible and consider all your housing options, even if you think they might not be for you.

  • Who can apply for re-housing?

    PA Housing tenants can apply provided they have held a tenancy for a minimum period of twelve months. Our housing register is currently closed to new applicants.

  • Can I apply for re-housing if I have arrears?

    You will need to have a payment plan in place with your income officer and have adhered to your payment plan for a minimum of six months. More information is available in our Allocations policy. Our housing register is currently closed to new applicants.

  • In what circumstances may I be considered for Re-Housing Options advice?

    It will not be possible for all customers to have an individual appointment with the Re-Housing Options officer if it is not considered necessary and during periods of high volume. It also may take longer to arrange an appointment if you are based in London and the surrounding areas as we have to coordinate schedules with our visiting officers in these areas. However, if you would like some advice and don’t necessarily require a face-to-face appointment, we can look to arrange a telephone appointment for you, although this may still require time to schedule in. 

    We will prioritise appointments with the Re-Housing options officer for customers with the following identified housing needs:

    Under Occupancy

    If your property is now too big or you have been affected by the bedroom tax and would like to consider downsizing, you should register on HomeSwapper to look for a mutual exchange.


    If your property is now too small due to your changing circumstances and you would like to consider a larger property, you should register on Homeswapper to look for a mutual exchange.


    If your property is no longer considered suitable due to medical grounds. An Occupational Therapists report will be required as an essential part of the process, we would not be able to accept any other form of evidence for a need to move based on medical grounds. To obtain this you would need to seek a referral to an Occupational Therapist through your GP or your Local authority.

    Also, register on HomeSwapper to consider a mutual exchange.

    I need more advice and help

    If none of the above circumstances apply to you, but you would still like some advice on being re-housed please contact us at or call 0116 257 6716.


Ending your tenancy 

If you want to move from your current PA Housing home the first thing you need to do is simple: tell us. You can let us know by clicking our online service tool below, My asra.

Visit My asra

  • What you need to know

    You’ll need to give us four weeks’ notice before you move out. We’ll write to you with the date your tenancy will end and when the keys are due in by. This will normally be a Monday. If you don’t return the keys by noon on the agreed date, you’ll be asked to pay another week’s worth of rent.

    We will provide you with a free, freepost envelope so you can post us the keys.

    Before you move please make sure you:

    • Pay your rent in full
    • Complete all outstanding repairs
    • Hand in all keys, including those for communal doors and key fobs for garages etc. We will charge you for replacements if all keys aren’t returned.
    • Clean the property and clear it of any rubbish
    • Pay any outstanding utility bills in full. If you could let us know your supplier and final meter reading, that would be useful information for the next tenant.
  • Cleaning your property

    We have a scheme to reward tenants who leave their property ‘Clean, clear and undamaged’. You could receive £50 in vouchers if you complete the application form we’ll send you and if you leave the property clean, clear and undamaged.

    If you are clearing a home on behalf of a relative who has passed away, we will support you. Let us know (link to contact page) and we’ll help you through the process. We’ll need to charge rent while you still have the keys, so letting us know as soon as possible is important. It might be helpful for you to know that if your relative received housing benefit, the Government stop that payment immediately.

  • Taking on a tenancy

    If you lived with the deceased resident at the time of their death and the home is your only and main property, you may have the right to take on their tenancy. Ask us, and we’ll help you understand if you are eligible.

  • Leaving your home for a long period of time

    There may be times when you need to leave your home for a long period of time, but will be returning. For example you may need to go into hospital or to go abroad. You must tell us before you go, and give us some idea when you think you will be back. You must also tell us if someone will be staying in your home while you are away and what arrangements you have made for paying your rent. If rent arrears build up while you are away, they are still your responsibility. 

  • Joint tenancy

    If you have a joint tenancy and wish to leave your home, you must let us know. You are still responsible for all the tenancy conditions if your name is on the agreement.

    If both tenants are happy to have a name removed from the agreement, then we’ll sort that paperwork out. However, if only one of you wishes to give up the tenancy we’ll have to give you notice to quit.

  • Leaving due to domestic violence

    If you are moving out due to domestic violence, your housing officer can advise on options. You may also find the National Domestic Violence Helpline a useful place for advice and support.


If you have any further queries please contact us at or call our Customer Contact Centre on 0116 257 6716 for assistance.

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