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Help and advice

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find answers to your questions, which is why we have created the Help and advice area below

  • What is My asra?

    My asra is the quickest and easiest way for you to manage your home online, from anywhere at anytime, without the need to ring our Customer Contact Centre.
    Find out more

  • What can I use My asra for?

    We're listening to your feedback and are continually improving the services available to you.

    At the moment, you can:

    • Diagnose and report your own repairs in under 2 minutes
    • View the status of your current repairs
    • See a full repair history
    • Make a rent payment or set up a Direct Debit
    • View your current and historic account balances
    • Request a refund
    • Update your personal details
    • Chat live with a member of our team

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  • Why should I use My asra?

    My asra is a great alternative to ringing us.  It is:

    • Safe and secure
    • Quick and easy to use - you can report a repair in under 2 minutes
    • Faster than ringing our Customer Contact Centre
    • Customers using My asra are 12% more likely to have their repair fixed 'right first time'
    • Accessible from anywhere, at anytime

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  • How do I register and log-in to My asra?

    You can access My asra online and through a downloadable app on Apple or Android smart phones and tablet computers.

    1. Use an internet enabled device to visit; and download the app, or click on the button below.

    2. Register by using your payment reference and a valid email address. (Your payment reference can be found on your rent statements).

    3. You will then receive an e-mail from us containing a link. Click the link to verify your account.

    4. Log-in using your username (e-mail address) and the password you created.

    From a smart phone or tablet, you can access via your browser or you can download an app from the Apple appstore or Google Play Store. Search for 'My asra' app and download it for free. 
    Log-in to My asra    View our user guide

  • I can't find my Payment Reference Number. How can I register?

    Your Payment Reference Number is printed on the top of your statement which we send to customers in each year.

    If you have a PayPoint Card  you will also find your Payment Reference on that.

    If you cannot find either of these please call us on 0116 257 6716

  • I've forgotten my username and password, how can I log in?

    If you've forgotten your password click on the Forgot Password link on the login page.  There you will be able to reset your password.

    If you cannot remember the email address you used when you registered please call us 0116 257 6716

  • I haven't received my verification e-mail. What can I do?

    Sometimes the verification e-mail we send you may be flagged as spam by your e-mail provider.

    If the verification e-mail is not delivered to your inbox within ten minutes, please ensure you check your spam folder.

    Most e-mail providers will offer the ability to mark senders as 'not spam'. Taking a moment to do this for will ensure that all future messages will reach your inbox.

  • Setting up a Direct Debit

    The best way to pay your rent or service charge is by Direct Debit. We offer a full choice of payment dates and payment frequencies so you can set up a Direct Debit for any working day and pay us weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or every calendar month.

    You can set up a Direct Debit by logging onto your my asra portal below, clicking on `my account` and clicking on the `set up a Direct debit` option. Once the Direct Debit has been set up you will have peace of mind to know that your payment will automatically be made on the dates you have chosen providing that there are sufficient funds in your bank account.
    Log into My asra

  • Paying by Debit or Credit Card

    If you would like to make a one-off payment by debit or credit card you can log in to your My asra portal, clicking on `My account` and clicking on 'Make a payment'. You can also order a payment card which you can use to pay by cash, debit card or cheque at any Post Office or over 3000 PayPoint outlets in the UK.
    Log in to My asra

  • Understanding your service charges

    A service charge is a charge to cover the services provided to maintain your estate or scheme. Both tenants and homeowners have agreed to pay a service charge through their tenancy agreements or lease. For example, if you live in a flat with a door entry system, the cost of maintaining this is covered by a service charge; because it is available to all customers living there.

    In order to fully help you understand your service charge, we've created a Service Charge guide which should answer your questions:

    Service Charge Guide

  • How much is My rent?

    You can check your rent account and balance at any time by logging into your 'My asra' portal and clicking on 'My account'.

    Log into My asra

  • How much is my service charge?

    You can check your service charge and balance at any time by logging into your 'My asra' portal and clicking on 'My account'. You will also find a breakdown of your charges

    Log in to My asra

  • What do I do if I can't pay my rent?

    Failure to pay your rent or service charge on time is a breach of your tenancy or lease which can put your home at risk. If you cannot pay your rent you should contact us immediately.

    If you cannot pay off the debt in full, visit the 'My account' section on the 'My asra' portal. Here, you can check your balance and see the payment options available, including the possibility of paying in instalments (click on Make and arrangement).

    If we have tried to contact you about your rent, please do not ignore our communications as if we are unable to speak to you we may be forced to take legal action. Our Income Officers are trained to offer payment advice and we have support services that we can refer you to including an in-house Tenancy Sustainment Team who can help you with any benefit problems and offer support tailored to your needs.

    If you already have a payment plan or a Court Order and are struggling to continue to make the required payments you must contact your Income Officer immediately on 0116 2576716.

    Log in to My asra

  • I have received a Notice of Seeking Possession, What does this mean?

    This is your warning that we can apply to Court for a Possession Order if you are a tenant or a shared owner but only after the date on section 5 of the notice. In order to prevent us applying for Court you will need to clear the debt in full or contact us to make a payment arrangement.

  • The Course has granted a Possession Order. What do I do?

    If the Court has granted an Outright Possession Order you must clear your belongings from your home on or before the date ordered by the Court and return the keys to us. If you wish to keep your home we recommend that you seek independent legal advice and contact us.

    If the Court has granted a Suspended Possession Order you are allowed to remain in your home as long as you pay your rent and your arrears in the installments ordered by the Court.

  • Understanding the changes to benefits

    It can be confusing trying to understand all of the changes happening to benefits so we are here to help.  Our Welfare reform and benefit pages should help you see how you could be affected and what to do.
    Find out more

    Our Tenancy Sustainment Team

    We are dedicated to helping our customers who may be struggling to manage due to one or more of these reforms.  We can help you to apply for other benefits, request back-dates, appeal against decisions that you don’t agree with, set up email addresses, open bank accounts and help you to overcome any problems with your benefits that you might encounter.

    Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0116 2576716 or  if you need advice or support.

  • What is moneywise plus?

    If you live in Leicester or Leicestershire, we may be able to offer you assistance with money advice to help you maximise your income, as well as digital skills training to help get you confident using online services.

    To find out if you are eligible for assistance, click their logo below: 


    Find out if you are eligible

  • How do I report a repair?

    If we are responsible for the repair you can report a repair via My asra at any time of day.

    Log into My asra

    Alternatively, you can telephone our Customer Contact Centre on 0116 257 6716

    To find out if you are responsible for the repair and for some useful advice please click here
    Repair responsibilities

    You can find out more about Repairs and what your responsibilities are by reading our Repairs Policy:

    Read Our Repair Policy

  • Your repair responsibilities

    We will carry out the large proportion of repairs in your home, but under your Tenancy Agreement, some of these are your responsibility to complete.

    To find out if you are responsible for the repair and for some useful advice please click here
    Repair responsibilities

    You can find out more about Repairs and what your responsibilities are by reading our Repairs Policy:

    Read Our Repair Policy

  • Why do you need to do a gas inspection?

    We have a legal responsibility to provide an annual safety check to all homes with a gas supply. Our gas contractors will be in touch annually to book in an appointment with at least 14 days notice.

    Please note, this is a legal responsibility and legal action could be taken to gain access to your home to ensure that we comply with current Gas Safety Regulations if you do not comply.

  • I can smell gas and I am worried there is a leak

    Turn off the gas immediately, there should be a large lever near your meter.

    Open all doors and windows.

    Avoid using any electrical appliances, switches, sockets or naked flames.

    Call National Grid on 0800 111 999.

  • How do I report a problem with my gas boiler?

    If we are responsible for the repair you can report a problem to your gas contractor directly.

    Based on your location, you can find your contractor and their phone number below.

    • Nottinghamshire - PH Jones on 0800 023 4063
    • Leicestershire, West Midlands and Northamptonshire - J Tomlinson on 0115 957 4085
    • Greater London - TSG on 0800 085 3965

    If you are not sure if your repair relates to a gas boiler you can diagnose the fault using My asra.

    Log into My asra

    To find out if you are responsible for the repair and for some useful advice please click here

    Repair responsibilities

  • How do I get my home adapted if I am disabled?

    Before we can make any change to your home we will need you to talk to an Occupational Therapist via your local council, they will then offer a referral to us.
    Who is my local authority?

    If you already have a referral form from an Occupational Therapist please send it through to us at

    or by sending a copy by post to:

    A&A Investment Team, PA Housing,
    3 Bede Island Road, Leicester, LE2 7EA

    If your Occupational Therapist has recommended significant alterations we may need to contact the council for funding. If this is the case we will work with you to make a Disabled Facility Grant application. Otherwise we will complete minor alterations straight away.

  • What DIY or decorative changes can I make to my home?

    We are happy for you to make decorative changes to your home but you must ask for written permission if you want to make any other changes or improvements to your home. If you carry out work without permission you may need to pay for any damaged caused by the work carried out, or to undo the work.

    To request authorisation please email us

    or send us a copy by post to:

    Repairs Team, PA Housing,
    3 Bede Island Road, Leicester, LE2 7EA

  • When will I get new windows, kitchen or bathroom?

    We have a 3 year investment program for new windows, kitchen and bathroom. To find out if you are on this list you can use the button below
    Am I on the list?

    We decide which properties are eligible based on the governments decent homes standard, and follow this up with a survey of the property. As a general rule in line with the standard, we look at replacing items after the following period:

    • Kitchens after 20 years
    • Bathrooms after 30 years
    • Windows and doors after 35 years
    • Heating up to 30 years
    • Roofs between 25 and 75 years 

    If you want to find out more about how we make investment decisions click here
    Find our more

  • How to apply and register?

    If you would like to join our register you can apply online here. If you prefer you can also apply by telephone or visit our office where we can arrange a face to face interview.
    Apply now

    If you want to move in London we are only accepting applicants for
    Over 55's properties.

  • Homeless, or facing homelessness?

    If you are homeless, or your safety is at risk, you should speak to
    your Local Authority.
    Who is my local authority?

  • Who is eligible to be housed in our property?

    Our Allocation Policy determines who is eligible to apply for a home with us. Most people can make a successful application and we would encourage everyone to apply.

    There are occasions where we have to refuse people the right to apply. These are summarised below but a full explanation can be can be found within the Allocations Policy 

    • People who are subject to immigration control within the meaning of the Asylum & Immigration Act 1996 or any person ineligible for social housing accommodation or who fail the habitual residence test undertaken at the time when we verify their application.

    • If you are not subject to immigration control, but are nevertheless prescribed by regulation as being 'persons from abroad'.

    • Applicants (or a member of their household) who have been guilty of unacceptable behaviour and at the time of their application for housing they are still considered unsuitable to be a tenant by reason of that behaviour or where any member of the household has been evicted within the last 3 years. 

    • Any other reasons whereby an applicant is unable to secure public funds or is otherwise unable to show adequate means by which he/she could not pay the rent.

    • If you or any other member of your household currently owns a property, you will be asked of your intentions regarding this property if you intend to rent a home with us. This is because we are a non-profit charitable housing provider. 
    • If you own your own home but are moving on welfare grounds i.e. elderly persons requiring sheltered accommodation, disabled or vulnerable applicants requiring additional support, risk of homelessness, domestic abuse, fleeing violence or racial harassment or having a housing need and equity of less than £16,000), you would be eligible.  

    • Single people and households requiring up to 2 bedrooms, with a total gross household income above £60,000. 

    • Households requiring 3+ bedrooms with a total gross household income above £74,000.

  • We have two advertising cycles per week!

    Available properties are advertised two times a week on our website. You must express your interest by 23.59 on each cycle end day to ensure it is counted.

    PA Housing has a statutory duty to assist Local Authorities in meeting local housing need. We achieve this by nominating properties to them. The Local Authority will provide applicants for these properties. At least 50% of our properties will be let this way.

    Properties let through council nominations will be clearly advertised using the wording :

    "Priority will be given to local authority nominations in the first instance." 

    Please note a small percentage of these properties will clearly state on the advert that they are only available to transfer applicants or those placed in the Choice Plus Category.

     Cycles image.png

    Cycle One     

    Begins Monday 00:01                        

    Ends Wednesday 23:59         

    Cycle Two  

    Begins Thursday 00:01

    Ends Sunday 23:59

  • What if my circumstances have changed since I applied?

    Please notify us of any change of circumstance or contact details.  You can do this via telephone, email, letter or by calling into the office.

    Contact us

  • Suspension, refusal or cancellation

    Your application will be suspended for a period of 6 months if you refuse 3 reasonable offers of accommodation.

    Your application will be suspended for a period of 6 months if you have not expressed an interest in a property for 90 days.

    After 12 months from the date you registered your application we will write to you to renew your application, if you still wish to remain on our housing register.  You will have 14 days to respond.  If you do not respond within this time period your application will be cancelled.

    You application can be refused if you do not qualify for Social Housing, in line with our Allocations Policy.  For more information, see our Are you eligible page.

  • Making an offer

    It all depends on what category you are in, the size of property you need, the area you are looking to move to, how often properties become available and what properties become available in your chosen area(s).

    We are unable to provide a set timescale at present but generally, if you restrict what you express an interest in then you could wait longer. It always depends on the demand for each individual property advertised.

    As we let properties we will publish feedback so that applicants understand the category that the successful applicant was in and the length of time that applicant was on the housing register.

  • Refusing an offer

    If a property is unsuitable then you can refuse the offer. You can then continue to express an interest in further properties that are advertised.

    However, if you refuse 3 offers then we will contact you to discuss reasons for the refusals. We reserve the right to suspend applications where applicants are not making effective use of the tools available at the time of the advert to express an interest only in properties that are seriously being considered as the applicant's next home.

  • Applying for a Mutual Exchange

    Applying for a Mutual Exchange or "swap" could be a great solution if you need that extra space, or are looking to downsize.

    You get our permission before any exchange takes place.

    Find out more

  • If you are still within the first 12 months of your tenancy...

    If you are on a starter tenancy (normally the first 12 months of your tenancy), then you are not able to make any amendments to your tenancy.

  • If you have finished your Starter Tenancy period...

    To add someone to the tenancy we require proof of identification, which must include a photo of the new tenant, full name, date of birth, three months of payslips and three months of bank statements.  We also require your national insurance number and proof that the person being added to the tenancy has been residing there for over twelve months.

    Should the requesting person not have this evidence or has not lived there for twelve months they cannot be added to the tenancy.  

    When we add a person to your tenancy agreement you will be issued with a new agreement in line with the changes made.

    Should you have the evidence required please email us at and attach the evidence, or send it via post with a covering letter to

    Customer Contact Centre, PA Housing,
    3 Bede Island Road, Leicester LE2 7EA

  • My circumstances have changed, what do I need to do?

    Your tenancy agreement is legal document so any changes need to have supporting evidence and you will need to contact us.

    If you are looking to change your name please provide us with an original of your marriage certificate or letter of deed poll with a covering letter to:

    Customer Contact Centre, PA Housing,
    3 Bede Island Road, Leicester LE2 7EA

  • Need a copy of your Tenancy Agreement

    Your Tenancy Agreement is a legal document and is your contract with us for your home so you should always keep in it a safe place.

    If you need to request a copy of your agreement you will need to contact us.
    Contact us

  • Applying for an exchange

    Applying for a Mutual Exchange or "swap" could be a great solution if you need that extra space, or are looking to downsize.

    You get our permission before any exchange takes place.

    Find out more

  • Am I allowed to have a pet?

    You must always seek PA’s permission in writing to keep a pet. We will write back to you to either give or decline permission, and outline any conditions of you keeping the pet. Please note that all requests to keep a dog or a cat within a flat will be declined.


  • Concerned about subletting?

    If you know of a PA Housing home that is being sublet please report this to us immediately
    Contact us

  • There may be another option...

    Depending on your circumstances and your reasons for wanting to leave, before you hand in your notice have you considered some of the other options that may be available with support from our Rehousing Options Team?
    Find out more

  • ...if you mind is made up though.

    We are sorry to hear that you want to end you tenancy with us.  You should find all of the information you need within the Your tenancy pages:
    Find out more

  • Your cleaning and grounds maintenance contractors

    We have appointed these specialist cleaning and ground maintenance contractors to raise standards of cleanliness grounds maintenance at communal sites across the group.

    The contractors appointed have a wealth of experience in delivering high quality cleaning and ground maintenance services to a range of different sectors across the UK.

    Find out more

  • We're sorry to hear you are having problems

    If you have any concerns about the work that is being carried out by the communal cleaning or grounds maintenance contractors you should contact them directly.

    Find out more

  • Requesting a parking permit

    If you are entitled to a parking permit, you will be able request one by accessing your account in My asra.
    Login to My asra

  • My parking permit hasn’t arrived after 7 working days, can you help?

    Please note that we can only help if you requested a parking permit more than 7 days ago as it sometimes takes this amount of time to process it and send it to you.

    If you haven’t received it and it is now more than 7 days since your request please contact us.
    Contact us

  • If the infestation is within your property...

    If the infestation is within your property, you will need to source your own pest control company to investigate and treat.

    We advise you to call a number of organisations to ensure you are happy with the company and the price you will need to pay.


  • If the infestation is within a communal area...

    If the infestation is in a communal area please let us know immediately.
    Contact us

    Please be aware that for birds we cannot take any action during nesting season which is April to September each year.

    For bats you must contact Environmental Health at you rlocal authority as many species are endangered and protected by law

  • If the graffiti or vandalism is on our property...

    We want to ensure any instances of graffiti or vandalism, especially if it is offensive or poses a health and safety risk is dealt with as quickly as possible so please let us know.
    Contact us

  • If the graffiti and vandalism is not on our property...

    If this the graffiti or vandalism is not on asra's property then you will need to contact your Local Authority.
    Who is my local authority?

  • Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of waste.

    You can report fly-tipping to the local council here
    Report flytipping

  • If the bin store is owned by us...

    Please email us at and attach a picture of the issue alongside the location and as much detail as possible of the problems is.

  • If the bin store is not owned by us...

    If we don't own the bin store or it is not on our land then we will not be able to help, please contact your Local council who will arrange to fix the problem.
    Who is my local authority?


  • Requesting a replacement fob

    If you have lost your fob you will need to request a new one

    You will need to request your new fob by logging in to My asra and completing the form online:
    Login to My asra

    Please be aware there will be a charge to replace your fob which you will need to pay before we send you a new one.

    This charge is normally £25 per fob.

  • What is antisocial behaviour?

    ASB is behaviour that causes nuisance and annoyance. It can include noise nuisance, intimidation or harassment, aggressive or threatening behaviour and violence and hate crimes.

    Please visit our ASB page for types of behaviour that we consider anti-social and to use our ASB toolkit to seek further information and help.

  • What do I do if I am in immediate danger?

    Call 999 if you or someone else is in immediate danger.

    The non-emergency police number is 101.

  • How do I report antisocial behaviour?

    If you are experiencing Anti Social Behaviour, there are a number of things you can do:

    First of all, if appropriate to do so, speak to the person causing the ASB.

    If the ASB is criminal or you feel in danger, you must contact the Police on 101 on 999 if it’s an emergency.

    If the ASB relates to noise nuisance, please contact your local Environmental Health team who will be able to support you.
    Who is my local authority? 

    If you have done all of the above and are continuing to experience ASB please contact us.  Please note we will need you to provide supporting evidence in order for us to take action.

    Have you tried our ASB Toolkit?

    The ASB Toolkit provides useful information on different types of Anti-Social Behaviour including some other useful contacts.

    ASB Toolkit

  • What happens once I have made a report?

    After a report of ASB to us you will be contacted within 3 working days.  We will review your case in detail, to determine if we can take further action.  If we can we will work with you to produce a plan showing the action we will take and any required by you (for example, we may need you to safely collect evidence or record the time and date ASB occurs). We will send you this plan within five working days.

    Very often disputes and reports of ASB can be resolved informally. We don’t tend to get involved in reports of noise from everyday living (for example children playing, daytime DIY etc.) or neighbour disputes on things such as shared parking spaces, putting rubbish out on the wrong day or cooking smells.

    In more serious cases however, we may take legal action. This includes seeking evictions, injunctions or anti-social behaviour orders. We may need evidence to help us in a court case.

  • Instances where we may be unable to help

    We don’t have the power alone to stop all ASB; however we work with our partner agencies, such as the Police or Local Authority Noise Nuisance teams, where necessary to achieve a successful outcome. 

    We also are limited to how much we can act if behaviour is taking place on land we don’t own. So for example, if fly-tipping is taking place you will need to contact your local authority.

    If we don’t have the power to help, we will tell you and let you know who you should contact.
    Who is my local authority?

  • Not what you're looking for?

    If this hasn't helped answer your questions and you're still none the wiser, then we want to hear from you.

    Contact us

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