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Paragon Asra Housing Ltd

Asra and Paragon have recently joined together to form Paragon Asra Housing Ltd (PA Housing). PA Housing is a leading provider of housing for people and communities across central and southern England. We support more than 50,000 customers who live in more than 24,000 homes.

Your cleaning & grounds maintenance contractors

We have appointed these specialist cleaning and ground maintenance contractors to raise standards of cleanliness and grounds maintenance at communal sites on your estates.


The contractors appointed have a wealth of experience in delivering to a range of different sectors across the UK.


The contractors are very pleased to be working in partnership with us and are keen to make a significant difference to the quality of cleaning and ground maintenance services delivered to you and are committed to delivering a high level of service by looking after where you live.


The information below will tell you a little about your new contractor as well as show a link to their schedule of work:


*Please note some of these schedules may make reference to asra Housing Group as they were published prior to 13 April 2017.

  • Pinnacle PSG - Communal cleaning for Leicester and Notingham


    Communal cleaning for Leicester and Notingham

    We are proud of our longstanding partnership over the 15 years. Our service focuses on the customer, offering high-quality services and we care that satisfaction rates are consistently high and believe this to be the most important measure of our work.

    Our dedicated teams value knowing our customers and staff on the ground understand the requirements of individual areas. Our goal is to become part of the community and to understand the needs of our customers so that we can respond with a high level of service.

    We also support local events, charities and community groups; and consult with Resident Associations to gather feedback through meetings and inspections about how our services can be improved.

    Please click here to view Leicester's schedule:

    Please click here to view Nottingham's schedule: 

    0330 3320845    |

  • Clean Green - London & Northampton

    Communal cleaning for London and Northampton                                                                                                            

    We’re a family run business that has been established for over 25 years. We deliver high quality, environmentally friendly cleaning and grounds maintenance service and pride ourselves on being a being customer focused organisation.

    Please click here to view North London's schedule:

    Please click here to view South London's schedule:

    01702 556315   |   |



  • G Burleys - London and The Midlands

    Grounds maintenance for London & the Midlands                                                   

    We were founded by George Burley in 1951 and over the last 65 years have grown to provide national coverage. We hold a Royal Warrant as Landscaping and Grounds Maintenance suppliers to HM The Queen and provide services to the Royal Household.

    We have vast experience of delivering services to housing and our staff undertake training so that they are aware of the needs of the community. We encourage our staff to talk to residents and ensure that by the same faces visiting the same areas we provide a sense of security particularly for elderly or vulnerable customers. 

    What we will be doing

    • Grass cutting fortnightly between March and October.
    • Shrub bed maintenance, pruning, hoeing and weed control.
    • Hedge maintenance which takes into account bird nesting and Natural England guidelines.
    • Collecting litter fortnightly during the grass cutting season and monthly thereafter.
    • Recycling any leaf mould and reusing it on community beds.

    Please click here to view London's schedule:

    Please click here to view the Midlands schedule: 

    01306 711799   |   |

  • 4th Corner Landscaping - Northamptonshire

    Grounds maintenance for Northamptonshire                                                                                            

    We’re a local friendly family business of fully trained grounds maintenance staff. The welfare and satisfaction of every resident on our sites is our first consideration. We welcome customer feedback and will be working with customer representatives and PA staff to gauge levels of customer satisfaction and create involvement opportunities. 

     What we will be doing:

    • Assessing the schedule daily to ensure it is working - we will allow extra time and revisits if required.
    • During the first monthly cycle we will identify additional winter work on-sites for the December and January.
    • Treating moss and weeds by spraying on all the sites during every visit through to April.  

    Please click here to view Northamptonshire's schedule: 

    If any customers have ideas for landscaping and gardening initiatives or have any queries then please get in touch.

    01295 817628    |    |

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