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Unsanitary conditions

If you believe your neighbours are creating unsanitary conditions that are affecting you or the communal areas, start by speaking to your neighbours if possible.

If this is not possible then:

  • If the unsanitary conditions are not on PA Housing land, please contact the local authority who will arrange to clear it up. You can find out who your local authority is at
  • If the unsanitary conditions are on PA Housing land, please complete our general reporting form and attach a photo if possible. We will arrange to get the area cleaned up. This may take up to two weeks.


Reporting form

If you live in a neighbourhood that is managed by another agent or housing provider, you will need to contact that company. Contact details will be on signs in your neighbourhood.

  • If you are unsure whether a piece of land or road belongs to or is managed by PA Housing, then please contact us and we will assist you in finding out.

If there are materials hazardous to health, such as sharps or bodily fluids please call  0116 2576716 to avoid delays.

If you believe that the unsanitary conditions are dangerous to a possibly vulnerable individual, you might wish to inform your local authority’s Adult Social Work Department.  

Find your Local Authority

If you believe that a minor has to live in unsanitary conditions then you should inform your local authority’s Child Social Work Department. 


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